Thomas (Tommy) Serra is a second generation American who was named after his grandfather, the late Thomas Serra, who migrated to America from Abatamarco, Italy in the early 1900’s. Because he loved his grandpop, Tommy Serra made a promise to himself to use his talents to strive for an honorable career to make his namesake proud of him. Thomas Serra Tommy is a self-employed owner and operator of salons located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and owner and artistic Director of the Philadelphia Academy of Beauty, a fully accredited cosmetology school. In addition to his present work as a beauty consultant, Tommy Serra is also a professional singer, entertainer and public speaker. His educational background starts with initial training in Maision de Paris. Tommy was also a student of the Advanced Hair Design at Charles of the Ritz, New York City and personally trained with Peter Webb in London. Graduate of NU School, New York; School of Game Show Hosting and Acting Classes. He is the past President of the South Jersey Hair Dresser’s Association, past Style Director of the New Jersey Hair Fashion Committee; a member of the intercoiffure, America/Canada; a travel agent; independent consultant and director for NU-Concepts in Travel; former position as styles director for Faberge; consultant for Puig Medical Group on hair Restoration; product developer and marketer for Thomas Serra Beauty and Hair Products Line. In fact, since becoming a member of the intercoiffure International, an organization which can be likened to United nations of the world, Serra has impressed his colleagues so much that he was asked to represent the United States at the organization’s semi-annual 10-day glamour presentation in Paris in 1992. The membership of the intercoiffure International meets twice a year (spring/summer and fall/winter) to present the styles that will be in fashion for the upcoming seasons. The presentations draw thousands of the top models, artistic designers and businessmen form all over the world to display and to tap into the year’s new "looks." Tommy’s hairdos were captured during several of the photo shoots at the conference and appeared in such leading magazines as Privilege Studio, Hairstyling, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Serra said the conferences are held in Paris "because it is the world’s epicenter of style." In case you’re wondering how all of his fashion sense comes so easily to "Mr. International," it’s possible that it’s in his blood. He is carrying on a family tradition that makes his children the fifth generation of Serra’s involved in the beauty industry. All three of his offspring are active in the business of making people look and feel great. Oldest son Rocco is in Beverly Hills at Guisseppi Franco Salon, building a reputation as one of the greatest colorists and stylists in Hollywood. Rocco recently worked on the hair of such stars as Liza Minelli, Shirley MacLaine, Steve Lawrence, Andrew Dice Clay and Mickey Rourke. Second son Jeff is also associated with the famous Guisseppi Franco Salon. Last but not least, Serra’s daughter, Renee, has blossomed into a successful freelance hair and make-up consultant for the Democratic convention. Tommy is a great Frank Sinatra fan and at the age of 18 he was a steady visitor to the 500 Club in Atlantic City to listen to Sinatra sing and copied his style. An accomplished performer, Tommy’s singing has delighted and entertained thousands. At the Intercoiffure conference at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel this fall, Tommy got a standing ovation for his musical presentation. During a career which spans 36 years and following a family tradition (Tommy is the forth generation) he has achieved what few people accomplish in a lifetime. He is a true "self actualizer," one who lives creatively and realizes his full potential. Tommy is also my nephew and I am proud to pay him honor of devoting my entire column to his achievements.
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