American Military Edged Weapon Museum
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American Military Edged Weapon Museum
3562 Old Philadelphia Pike
Intercourse, PA
(717) 768-07185

Built in the Colonial Revival architectural style in 1908, the facility served as a bank until 1974. It then fell into basic disuse, except for a short run as a specialty shop. Then in 1987, its prime location in the scenic Pennsylvania Dutch Country and its secure structure prompted Larry P. Thomas, Sr. to see the potential for a museum to, initially, house and display Thomas' extensive collection of United States military edged weapons. Over 4000 specimens span the broad spectrum of D.S. military history. While swords have usually been imagined as the primary shock weapon of dashing cavalry melees, knives and bayonets have been given a less spectacular role in the mind's eye of the average American. So, it is with obvious pride, that The American Military Edged Weaponry Museum puts the knives and bayonets of the infantryman into a more definitive and proper perspective. Located in the picturesque Amish/Mennonite area of Eastern Pennsylvania, the museum is easily reached via interstates and country roads, but watch out for the slow moving, horse-drawn buggies!