Vineland Nutrition

Do you like to eat? I sure do and especially at night when you can pack on some serious pounds. The solution is Vineland Nutrition. They offer healthy meal replacements that include smoothies that you can buy as a single serving for on the go or as a kit to mix and match at home. They also have amazing energy drinks as well. I have tried many different types of weight loss meals and most are nasty. But not Vineland Nutrition. I add 2 cups water or ice of and a scoop of sugar free pudding mix to their protein and meal powder and serve it over ice. It taste really good and most importantly it reduces my night time cravings. It's also only 3 Weight Watcher points to use as a meal replacement or to sip on it throughout the day as a supplement. I would also like to mention that it is not just for weight loss but for overall better health. These products are for people looking to lose weight, get healthier or to gain weight. So many people skip breakfast and that is one of the most important meals of the day! Vineland Nutrition now offers personal training as well. 


942 S Delsea Dr, Unit E, Vineland, NJ (856) 405-6616